Friday Prompt – January 4, 2012 – The End of the Beginning

This is goodbye, dear friends.

But only for a while. The time has come to make significant changes to how things happen here at TWOS, and there’s no time like the present to throw a wrench into a perfectly serviceable system. This isn’t the end, though. It’s the end of the beginning. TWOS has evolved since it began, and we’ve learned much along the way. It’s time to use what we know to make TWOS better.

We’re going to implement some new practices, which means this is the last Friday Prompt … ever! We’ll still give you random word prompts, but probably on a monthly basis. There are also a few other new features in the works, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

We won’t reveal any more for now, partly because we’re belligerent like that, and partly because we don’t know yet which features will make the cut. Come back in February to get the full announcement.

In the meantime, we still welcome submissions from this week’s prompt. We’ll be accepting them all month long, in fact. Check out the prompts below and let those creative juices flow.

Finally, at the risk of ruining my carefully cultivated persona of a misanthropic malcontent, I just want to thank everyone who has helped us and submitted stories to this point. We appreciate it more than you know. You’re beautiful … you nattering ninnies.

Sorry, couldn’t stop myself.

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Set 3:

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One Response to Friday Prompt – January 4, 2012 – The End of the Beginning

  1. Jon

    I can’t wait for the new shtuff! How much longer will I bask in ignorance?!